Odin's Rune Caster

Available for Android on Google Play

Main features

  • Odin's Rune Caster utilises the 24 Elder Futhark runes
  • There is no blank rune
  • Casts available are Odin’s Rune (1) and Norns’ Runes (3)
  • Shake facility to cast rune/s
  • Rune library
  • Edit facility for all rune names and interpretations
  • Random rune related Hávamál (Odin’s poetry) quote on start up
  • To be made available in many languages, although currently only in English (offers of help with translation gratefully received)
  • Further feature requests welcomed

How to Use

  • Press 1 for Odin’s Cast, then touch Odin or shake your device to cast
  • Press 3 for the Norns’ Cast, then touch the Norns or shake your device to cast
  • Press the magnifying glass for the rune library. Step through the runes in either direction by pressing the arrow buttons
  • Press the pen icon to edit, then choose which rune you wish to edit. Remember to click Save Changes if you want to save
  • To reset all data back to factory defaults, choose a rune to edit, and the Reset to Factory Defaults button is under the Save Changes button. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to overwrite your data with the factory defaults

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