Totem Animals

Available for Android on Google Play

There's also a free taster version

Totem Animals is designed to help you develop a relationship with your totem animals, also known as power animals or animal spirit guides.

Totem Animals currently contains 75 animals (20 are available immediately and you unlock the others by granting wishes to your totems. If you have upgraded from the free version, make sure you are running the full and not the free version).

You can hold three totems as your chosen totem animals at any time. Grant them nature-related wishes and more totem animals will be available to you.

Each animal has:
- a beautiful illustration by British wildlife artist PK Rollings
- some interpretive text, to help you understand why that particular animal is drawn to you

Please feel free to request animals that are not currently available. If you can think of ways the app could be improved, let us know that as well -

Designed in the style of an illuminated Medieval manuscript bestiary, Totem Animals provides a springboard for you to delve more deeply into:
- a relationship with your totem animals
- developing aspects of yourself
- the beauty of nature

We hope you have as much fun with it as we did making it.

The app currently has a slight British bias, but should suit people everywhere, as you can choose which totems to select as your special ones. For example, the app contains Scottish wildcats, which are only found in Scotland. Mind you, there are also some mythic and extinct creatures lurking in the app as well ...

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