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RudeDroid was originally commissioned by an ambitious alternative comedian, keen to find the next "tit witch", "smell my cheese" or "beef curtains" to make his name in the cut-throat world of alternative comedy.

As RudeDroid slowly took form, the comedian's behaviour became increasingly erratic. Unhinged cackling echoed around our secret mountain development retreat.

A series of misplaced "bum nuggets", "stained buttocks" and repeated requests from RudeDroid to "lick my dribble" led to a screech of amusement so violent that it ripped an avalanche from the surrounding mountains down upon us.

Mountain rescue have had to abandon attempts to free the comedian, as his continuous manic gibbering has made conditions unsafe.

In the meantime, I need my development fee, so have decided to make RudeDroid available on the open market. So now you can create an infinite amount of your own comedy rudeness right on your Android phone.

RudeDroid is a comedy swear generator with a fully customisable word library. It uses Text to Speech (TTS) to say the words, which are also visible written in the speech bubble.
- Press the buttons to create five different kinds of comedy words and phrases
- Press the speech bubble to repeat the word or phrase in it
- Load the library with your own comedy swear vocabulary (nouns, adjectives, verbs and intensifiers) (full version only)
- Comes pre-loaded with British vocabulary - nothing too extreme, but you can add those yourself if you want to ;) (full version only)
- Inspired by alternative comedy
- Recreate your favourite words and phrases from comedy shows
- Stumble upon hilarious new phrases
- You must have Text to Speech enabled (TTS) (free download from Android Market) to hear the Droid speaking
- Feature requests welcomed
- Follow RudeDroid on Twitter

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